Monday, 19 October 2015

Bunny is waking up

Ah, the fragrance of strangeness was in the air of the Library of Fairytales. Slight breeze moved the air and a few dust particles sitting on the books set to their dancing journey through the room.
In the corner near the old-as-time-itself fireplace, there was a tiny little red pillow. And on that pillow, a bunny rested.
Yes, it's the bunny you met before, dear reader. Your old friend.
But, where is the rose, you might ask.
Well, the carmine rose slept just beside the bunny. Her petals were closed as she cuddled to her friend on the pillow.
As you come closer, a movement catches your eye. The bunny's tiny little ear has moved! And then, it twitched again and a tiny little paw stretched while the bunny opened one of his black eyes. Then, he looked at you and smiled, bowed his head a little.
The rose's petals opened and you could finally see the flower's true beauty again.
"Ah, what a great sleep I had, but now, I am afraid, there is so much to do!" exclaimed the bunny and the rose nodded.
And so, a new day began at the Library of Fairytales.

Are you excited for the new stories to unfold and miracles to happen, dear reader?

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